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Great ropes since 1772


Visit Timm at Stand 27, Section A.

Timm has been making “Great ropes since 1772.” The company headquarters are in Oslo (Norway) and the company has further branch offices in Norway, Slovakia and India.

We have a long history of European rope craftmanship and a strong connection to Subsea Valley and the Norwegian maritime cluster, says Mr. Tore Strand, Managing Director in Timm.

We currently have a range of over 600 products, with market competitive strength, weight and handling properties. Our passion for rope making is reflected by our global distribution network, state-of-the-art test bench facility and HMPE research sharing with DNV GL, Eurocord and others.

Product customisation, customer service and willingness to innovate has kept Timm at the forefront of rope technology.

Our deepsea products utilise our new generation of high performance HMPE ropes - Acera®.

Of course, Timm remains a significant player in the marine mooring and fishery and aquaculture industries.

The opportunity of engaging and collaborating in an innovative offshore technology environment was the reason Timm got involved with Subsea Valley.

We have already seen the benefits of being associated with this Norwegian-based development group.

It is a pleasure to meet these people regularly on your own doorstep.

Timm has always been a loyal supporter of events held in Scandinavia and we see this year ́s events as a crucial platform for finding new growth bases – to combat the new offshore market realities.

I am in no doubt that these new forces will challenge us all to innovate in new ways and will yield important future relationships, says Mr. Tore Strand.

This is our first time appearing at this event. We know through the feedback we received at OTD in Bergen last year and through our business partner for lifting, John Dahle Skipshandel AS, that there is a strong market interest in Acera® lifting solutions.

We want to develop our deepsea network and to further the potential of our fiber lifting technology with the best possible synergies.

In 2013, Timm launched the latest generation of high performance HMPE ropes - Acera®.

Our range of lifting slings and grommets harness this advanced fiber technology and offer a new brand alternative for the offshore mooring and lifting markets.

The lifting solutions are stronger than steel and can be customised to meet your exact lifting requirements. These products are in full compliance with ISO standards for breaking strength and the general specifactions for HMPE ropes.

From our research into rope abrasion and HMPE fibers, we have also developed a new form of chafe prevention technology. Using weaved Acera® fibers, we have created the Protech™ cover, which is already protecting fiber solutions in a number of different applications.

All of our lifting solutions are protected in the eyes by Protech™. We also wish to find new interest for complex fiber testing solutions.

We realise that there remains a significant deepsea demand for fiber cabling.

The properties of Acera® offer a crucial reduction in operations and cost of ownership. The products can outperform the steel equivalent, with 1/7 of the weight, improved product longevity and easy handling.

With that in mind, we realise we are bringing a new brand alternative to Subsea Valley 2015.

We want to inform this audience about Acera® and the general capabilties of Timm for offshore lifting, mooring and fiber testing.

As most people are aware, there are enormous benefits to using synthetic fiber cabling over steel wire. In addition to such reasoning, our Acera® products can be fully customised for purpose – after significant R&D.

Our products are competitively priced and we can offer short order lead times – ensuring you receive these solutions before they are required for operation.

Mr. Strand says that Timm also offer excellent after sales support on these purchases and have an advanced European testing facility for future research collaboration.

There is clear indications from the government and key industry players, that the economics of offshore are evolving. This will close some business avenues and open some exciting new ones.

The government here in Norway wants to see more collaboration between offshore and mainland businesses. As a traditional enterprise, we understand their fears of a loss of experienced skilled labour.

Like all of the companies here, we are aware of a changing landscape. However, we are excited about the possible new collaborative relationships that will inevitably happen.

Subsea Valley is a new, dynamic business platform. We are in our first year of membership and this is event is an exciting new prospect for Timm.

We think we are bringing something different this week. We are proud of our Acera® generation of products and hope that people will also be interested to assess our Protech™ cover solutions.

The company’s European testing facility was a major investment for Timm in 2013 and this has given the company a major advantage for fiber research.

This seems the perfect platform to showcase these products and we would welcome all members and visitors to SSV 2015 – who are interested in fiber technology – to visit Stand 27, Section A. We will be in the centre of the venue.

We will also be attending the Tuesday reception and conference events.

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