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Slik verifiserer du at rett person tar e-læringskurset


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How to increase the top and bottom line

Companies that bill hourly can significantly increase their income by structuring the training of their new employees.

If a company that plans to employ 50 people during 2017 manages to establish routines that help place new employees into billable work two days earlier, it will generate an additional 750 billable hours for 2017. With an hourly rate of NOK 1,000 excl. VAT, this corresponds to 750,000 kroner in increased sales revenue, which also appears on the company's bottom line.

If the training can also be done online this reduces costs for instructors, travel, food and lodging. In some cases it is the operating company that bears these costs. In other cases the supplier or contractor must bear them.

For many companies costs for instructors, travel, food and lodging are often ten times the actual course fee, and this is one of the reasons why many companies choose e-learning instead of classroom courses.

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But how do you avoid cheating?

In the industry there are strict requirements for courses and competence. For example operating companies often set competence requirements before execution of work.

Mintra Group has received feedback from customers that they do not want to use e-learning because they cannot ensure that the right person is taking the course. Mintra Group has developed new technology to address this.

“We now offer our customers a solution that verifies course participants. This way companies have an assurance that the right person has attended and passed the course. This we call Proctoring.” explains Nina Johannessen, Trainingportal Product Specialist at Mintra Group.

How does Proctoring work?

Proctoring  performs facial recognition of participants using the web camera on a computer.

At the start of the course a picture of the participant will be taken with their approval. Thereafter photos will be continuously taken throughout the entire course.

“For companies that use Mintra Group’s courses this is a unique guarantee that the employee that should receive the competence required for a certain position is the person who has completed the course and exam.” explains Nina Johannessen.

A company that develops its employees – develops itself

As with Mintra Group’s focus on improving competence at other companies, they are also conscious of their own development. Mintra Group wants to be a leader in e-learning technology.

“Today it is facial recognition, but tomorrow it might be appropriate to use fingerprints, voice recognition or other types of technology. Proctoring is undoubtedly an innovative solution to identify course participants over the Internet and make e-learning an increasingly applied medium for teaching.” says Nina Johannessen.

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Cost focus makes us competitive

In recent years the industry has experienced enormous restructuring where the focus on costs has intensified.

For many it is now absolutely necessary to choose e-learning for part of training. Companies can no longer afford to fly employees to courses with the associated hotel accommodation. To be competitive, one must have good control over the company's costs.

“On Trainingportal we now have more than one enrolment every minute, around the clock, year-round. This shows that many now have now systemized their training. We are proud to be helping make our customers competitive domestically and internationally.” says Nina Johannessen.

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